Finding Your Calling

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EPIC the Fight for Faith and Family

Speaker: Heidi St. John We live in a culture that is at war with God. This world and culture seeks to direct us away from God and the truth of His Word. Heidi addresses the culture and how we as Christians make a stand in the world around us for what is true and right! […]

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Create a Positive Learning Environment

Is your home or classroom chaotic – more like a war zone than the exciting learning environment you had always imagined? Discover what may lie behind some of those behavioral issues you’ve been experiencing with your children. Learn to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of your home dynamics so you can create practical solutions for positive learning and living. The Brain Coach

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Homeschool From the Beginning

When do you get started and what do you do first? We’ve had precocious readers and we’ve had late bloomers, but every one of them has benefited from being homeschooled from the beginning. Learn to relax and introduce your little ones to the joy of learning in a gentle and realistic way that will prepare them for academic success!

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Beginning with the End in Mind

Confusion, discouragement and depression seem to be a way of life for many mothers. Life seems overwhelming and complicated, a maze of decisions and opportunities. Often discouragement comes from feeling lost along the journey of life. By beginning with what God considers to be the two most important priorities and planning our lives with that end in mind, life becomes less complicated and our paths become more clear. Learn how to simplify your decisions and your lives by God’s guiding priorities.

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Go Home and Love Your Family!

Someone asked Mother Theresa what society could do to promote world peace, and she responded: “Go home and love your family!” Parents who homeschool their children produce outstanding citizens, leaders and future parents. Isn’t this the essence of laying a foundation for world peace? HSLDA attorney and homeschooling father of seven, Michael Donnelly, shares why loving your family through homeschooling really does promote world peace, but more importantly, allows parents to fulfill their most fundamental and sacred duty.

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Want to Be a Firefighter? Preparing Your Child for God’s Calling

God has a special calling for each of your children. It may be full-time ministry, engineering, or homemaking. Any legitimate job can be a vocation, and we should not put down certain types of work as less respectable. In this session, you’ll learn how to prepare your children through all of the academic subjects for whatever God calls them to do.

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“Teaching Your Children to Love the Ten Commandments”: Without Becoming Legalists!

What are we to “teach diligently” (Deut. 6:7)? The Ten Commandments (especially Deut. 5.) Dr. E. Calvin Beisner is the speaker in 23 video lectures on the Ten Commandments suitable for a home school semester or quarter. In this talk Dr. Beisner explains how to use that series and its study guide to lead your children to say, “Oh, how I love Your law!”(Psalm 119:97) without becoming prideful legalists! He shows how the law convicts us of sin, points us to Christ as Savior, and guides our conduct. He explains how it applies to every aspect of life: personal, familial, social, and political. The Ten Commandments once were widely honored in America, and that helped make our nation free, upright, and prosperous. Recent generations have turned from them, leading to tragic moral decay. If we are to have revival, the Ten Commandments will play a major role. Come and learn how God can use you to help spur such revival – beginning in your own home, and expanding from there!

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PASSION & Life Planning

Discovering the other part of you other than being a homeschool mother. You are unique and an individual. Discover all that God is calling you into and live boldly. P- personality A- abilities S- spiritual gifts S- story I- interest O- opportunities N- needs of the world you care about Listen Now

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Best Ways You Can Prepare Your Student for College and Career

Join Linda Lacour Hobar (author of The Mystery of History) to discover what happens when Bible history and world history meet face to face. Through stories, activities, and much more, watch His-story unfold on one seamless timeline.

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Mission Minded Families

Hudson Taylor said, “The Great Commission is not an option to consider, it is a command to obey. For Christian homeschooling families, “World Missions” is more than an optional elective; instead, it’s a foundational worldview for training our children for God. In this session, you’ll glean from Jon and Ann’s global perspective, based on their three Mission-Minded books, many exciting homeschooling adventures, and over 25 years of remote mission evangelism to every continent on earth. Yet as Jon and Ann emphasize, “Missions is not just for missionaries; God’s call is for all.”

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9th Grade

Pinpointing Potential Careers

How do you know God’s call for your life? For some, it’s a clear message to their heart from a young age. Others find it by trial and error. But many don’t know God’s call simply because they aren’t aware of how to recognize it.

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12th Grade

Finalizing Your College and Career Plan

With the holidays approaching and Christmas break around the corner, this email may seem like just another addition to your to-do list! But if you have a few minutes this month, December is a great time to sit with your senior to finalize your college and career plans.

No plan needs to be written in stone, especially in the ever-changing climate of the teen years. Even so, tangible goals for this final semester of your student’s high school career are incredibly helpful as you decide what’s next.

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