We Don’t Even Know Her Name

She was a good mother. She was hospitable when it made no sense. She was a pagan who God used mightily, yet we aren’t even given her name. We simply know her as the Widow of Zarephath who opened her home and her meager pantry to a foreign prophet. (I Kings 17: 8-16)

As I was reading in I Kings this week, I was once again struck by this lady’s story. She isn’t a Jew. She doesn’t necessarily know Elijah, but she does know about his God. For some reason she notes that “the Lord [his] God lives…” I find that pretty interesting, but that is not what the Lord really spoke to me about this week.

We Don't Know Her Name. As #Moms, we can learn a lot of lessons from her, though!

This week, as I read her story, I couldn’t help but wonder how many things I do that I honestly don’t care if anyone ever sees or knows about. Sincerely. Am I, as a child of God, really willing to give my last bit of oil and meal to help a stranger in distress– trusting my God to sustain me even when I can’t imagine how?

How about a larger view? Am I as a mom content to serve in the shadows, pouring every last ounce of time and energy into shaping those amazing children God has given me even when it means that worldly applause will most likely pass me by? Does my heart cry out for recognition and the limelight, or do I remember that God sees those things done in secret? Am I willing to sacrifice my own ambitions– even when the limelight comes calling– for the good of those God has called me to serve?

As homeschool moms or moms of littles, we are with our kiddos all the time. There is very little time for extras during some of their more involved school years.  It is very tempting to cast it all off and go chasing my own dreams sometimes, losing sight of God’s call on my life. And I cannot help but wonder if this is a contributing factor to why some leave homeschooling all together. The world places a lot of value on applause and affirmation, but what is God’s position on that? God certainly does give us a lot of information about a pagan widow who gets to see God work in miraculous ways– even though we never know her name.

My heart was challenged by this thought. I hope to pay closer attention to my motives going forward. I want to always live my life in view of the One I truly serve. I want to set all my priorities and wants according to His will. I want to serve humbly and faithfully, never looking for the limelight or the applause. I want to see my children succeed and love Him with all their hearts, souls and minds. At this stage of my life, that takes a lot of my time– and it is worth every single second… Even if no one ever knows my name.

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