Relax, God is in Control of Your Homeschool

We teach it, we preach it, we write it on note cards. God is Sovereign and He holds all things together by the power of His word. It gets us up in the morning, pushing us through algebra, dirty diapers, and sleepless nights. It’s the bedrock of our faith and the backbone of our homeschool.

Little Chick

When an unborn chick pecks his way out of its shell, his muscles grow strong enough to thrive in the next phase of life. Helping a chick out of an egg can actually cause him to be crippled and die. James had it right when he wrote, “Consider it all joy knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” He was giving us God’s perspective on adversity. We can relax and let God do His works – even if we don’t see them at the time!

As homeschool mothers we can take comfort when little Sarah seems like she will never learn to read or Timmy will never stop teasing his sister. Take counsel with James and count it all joy. Remember the bigger picture- God is ultimately in charge of these little souls and whatever challenges we think we may have failed at, or they failed at, He will take up the slack and be faithful!

There was a time some years ago when I failed to get around to Composition and Grammar in my homeschool for my eighth grader. Oh, I intended to do it and I believed we should have done it! But difficulties in life happened. I was overwhelmed and it was out of my control. A year later I cringed and breathed up a prayer when my son tested to get into Jr. College to participate in a dual- credit program. Had I ruined him forever?

Thank God for His grace! My son not only passed the test but placed into College English as a fifteen year old. The days of homeschooling when we could diligently lay down the academic foundations paid off. We were faithful with little and God made us ruler over more! My son went on to be an honors student, receive scholarships and graduated with a four year degree.

We can take the pressure off ourselves to do everything perfectly and breathe easier when we know we have done our best and let the Lord do what we can’t. We are not in this homeschool adventure alone! We have the greatest helper anyone could ask for, the Holy Spirit and the Sovereign God of the universe who holds all things together by the power of His word and that includes our homeschool.