Online Schooling vs. Homeschooling

Online Learning vs Homeschooling

This day and age, homeschooling can be executed in a variety of ways and however works best for your family. I believe that the term “homeschooling” is used loosely. Many online public schools refer to their programs as homeschooling. What is the difference?

First let me clarify that many homeschool coops and even programs do have online homeschooling programs available, but without having to sign up with a school district. Their emphasis is all on homeschooling where you choose your own curriculum and instill your own beliefs system. You as the teacher keep track of your child’s progress as well as attendance, etc.

Online schooling can be anything from online public school to online private school programs. Much like online college programs, students can also get their education from home utilizing their programs and at their own pace. They have certified teachers your student is accountable to. Parents just act as the coach in their child’s learning.

As you can see these options are definitely opposite from each other. There is actual homeschooling and then there is schooling from home. There is a difference. I know that many beg to differ, but having been in both worlds, I see that homeschooling allows families more freedom into their child’s learning.

So what works best for your child and your family? Online schooling or homeschooling?

If you think your child would thrive in a structured learning environment, online public school or private school most definitely would work for them, especially if it’s a “go at your own pace” program. If your child needs more of a one-on-one approach, your child would greatly benefit from you as their teacher with the curriculum you choose.