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Trying to do everything. It’s a common struggle for mom’s in general but us homeschool moms seem to really be hit with sense of guilt over what we do and what we don’t do. Are we really called to be involved in every good opportunity we’re presented? Listen to find out more.


[00:00:00] Hey there and welcome to the homeschooling family podcast. Here we discuss just about everything that comes into play when you’re a Christian homeschooling family, I’m Leslie nunnery, and on today’s podcast, we’re going to address the topic of trying to do everything. It’s a common struggle for moms in general, but as homeschool mom seem to really be hit with this.

[00:00:27] Sense of guilt over what we do and what we don’t do .Are we really called to do be involved in every good opportunity we are presented? Let’s talk about that for just a few minutes.

[00:00:38] Hey there, friends! I wanted to come in and talk to you today because I I’ve actually been thinking about doing this for several days as I was walking. Um it’s kind of a followup from the video that I did for this week, the “nope,  you can’t [00:01:00] do everything” video. I hope you’ve taken that a few minutes to watch that, that one has gotten a lot of attention.

[00:01:05] I think that it’s really struck a chord with a lot of people who like me struggle with trying to squeeze too much in trying to take too much on us and all of those things. And actually, as I sat down to work this afternoon, my attention was drawn to a little piece of paper that I wrote several years ago.

[00:01:22] I don’t remember where I saw this quote. I don’t remember when I wrote it, but it’s hung on my, on my little bulletin board here beside my desk for a long, long time. And I really need to remember it. I wrote on this paper, there are enough hours every day to do the will of God. That’s a reminder to me, once again, that God is not going to ask anything of me, that he does not give me a path to fulfill.

[00:01:50] And so I [inaduible] last night as I was at our prayer meeting, I was sharing a prayer request that there’s a lot coming up. There’s a lot of work that we’re trying to do to [00:02:00] roll out the new 365 platform as well as gifts. Everything ready for next year’s events. I’m so excited about some things that are coming to next year’s events, but all of this is happening right now.

[00:02:13] And all of this is really good stuff, but sometimes when you’re down in the weeds, you can’t see your way out of it and you can’t see exactly how God is going to work and get you to the other side of that. But I need to always remember. God has given me exactly the right amount of time. He knows that there are 24 hours in a day.

[00:02:33] And it’s when I clutter up my days that I, I find myself spinning my wheels and not having the time to do what I need to do. I prioritize things incorrectly. I take some of the things that should have been, let go a long time ago. For several of the reasons that I mentioned in the video this week, but I keep those on me and that pushes out the stuff that really is the will of God for my life right now.

[00:02:58] So I want to encourage you to [00:03:00] remember there are enough hours in every day to do what God has called you to do- those things that only you can do that we talk about in the video, those things that are for this season. God has given you the time to do it. Rejoice in that, kind of focus on that. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed without going back to this, remembering that God is, God is a God of peace.

[00:03:23] He’s a God of order. He is not the God of confusion. And it is when we allow extra things in our lives that that confusion becomes, um, sometimes a little bit overwhelming. So I wanted to encourage you with that. First of all. There are always enough hours in every day to do the will of God. But as I was walking, I wanted to ask also encourage you that there were a couple of things that are foundational to every day.

[00:03:49] And I talk about this all the time that this is a week that I really wanted to throw that back in. Number one, you need to make sure that there is time in your day to spend time with [00:04:00] God. The way that I start my day every morning. And I have, since I can remember- like when I was a young teenager- is I get up and I have my time in the word of God.

[00:04:10] For me, that’s about an hour’s worth of time that I spend reading God’s word right now. I’m reading through the [inaduble] Bible. I’m writing her notes. Sometimes I add other books in and sometimes I go off of the, kind of progressive reading that I’m doing with her and I’ll study something else for a blog post or something that I’m writing or working on, but there.

[00:04:32] Spending that time, first thing in the morning is going to set the whole course of your day. But what I do after that is I usually will take my prayer time and I will go out and take a walk usually with the dog. Um, sometimes David comes with me, but when he comes, you know, that it changes the dynamics of it a little bit.

[00:04:51] But when I take a walk right after I have my time with the Lord in the morning, I’m able to kind of plan my day out. I’m able to [00:05:00] set my heart even more deeply on things that the Lord- I am able to lay before God, the things that need to be laid before Him. I’m able to bring my thoughts, captains. If I have worries, if I have fears, if I am buying into the lie that I don’t have enough hours in my day.

[00:05:16] All of those things are kind of worked out during that, that time that I spend in prayer. The reason that I like to do it and walk is it also gives me a great start with exercise in my day. And that really puts, it just changes the way that you approach every day, when you start off with a little bit of activity, you feel better.

[00:05:39] You know, the reason that I am very determined to get a little bit of exercise in every day is I have four teenagers now basically. Well, my youngest, one’s almost 12. I have almost 4 teenagers now. And as a mom, I want to be able to keep up with them. I want to be able to stay in step with them. So I want to encourage you.

[00:05:58] Yes, you can’t do [00:06:00] everything but find ways to, to make sure that every single day you’re having your time with the Lord. Because without that, you’re going to be crippled. You just, you cannot walk outside of the strength of God. You need his direction, you need his wisdom. You need the peace that passes understanding. You need him and the Holy Spirit to give you the words to say to your children, day in and day out.

[00:06:23] Actually next week’s video. We’re going to talk about parenting even when you don’t want to. And that time in God’s word is really critical to those moments. When you’re just ready to give up, you need God’s word in your life every single day, and then find some time to get some activity. When my kids were younger, that involved taking them out a lot of times in a wagon or in a stroller and walking around now, they’re older.

[00:06:47] I’m able to go out early, early before I get them up. But it also, a lot of times involves you getting up early, early. Uh, if your children are young and they wake up super early, maybe you can walk out for a little while while your husband’s still there. And he’s [00:07:00] able to keep an eye on him while he’s getting ready for work or whatever.

[00:07:03] And, and the way that I do things may not work for you at all, but I just want to encourage you. Those two elements are probably things that you need to find ways to keep in your day, find ways to be in God’s word every day, find ways to get some activity so that you feel better, you know, You feel actually even more attractive for your husband.

[00:07:22] All of these things are really, really important for your family. You’re able to keep up with your children better. You have more energy, and quite frankly, you sleep better too. So you can’t do everything so you that video, but God always gives you enough hours in every single day to do exactly what He’s called you to do.

[00:07:39] So I want to encourage you with that today. Let me know in the comments, what are some things that, that you have added into your life that are kind of a struggle for you. You’re trying to figure out if they fit right now. Maybe we could talk about that as a group. Cause a lot of us are at different stages and.

[00:07:55] We’ve probably tried to add those things into those stages as well. But remember, you’re not called to [00:08:00] do everything at every stage of life. Be very, very content where you are. Enjoy the moments that God gives you with your children, with your family, and just look forward to seeing what he has around the next day.

[00:08:12] I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Bye

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