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Keep It Simple – An Interview With Steve Lambert

Sometimes we lose our way because we take our eyes off why we're doing what we're doing as well as how high the stakes and how great the opportunities really are. This week, we'll chat with homeschool pioneer and publisher of Five in a Row, Steve Lambert, about what he's learned about homeschooling and parenting through the years. This is a must watch!!

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Teach Them Diligently 365
Keeping Your Child From Backsliding

None of us want our children to stay nestled in our homeschool cocoon, only to leave for University and backslide. You can help your child learn that the Bible is supernatural by teaching them about Jesus from the Old Testament. That is not a typo: the OLD Testament. They will be persuaded that the Bible is indeed the Word of God.
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Teach Them Diligently 365
The Big WHY – Your Homeschool Foundation

One of the main reasons families give up on home education is that they don’t have a solid foundation on which to stand when times get tough. This week, we’ll discuss the need for having that solid foundation and how to solidify your own.

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Teach Them Diligently 365
Our Foundations

This month, we're looking at our foundations. What is really important in our homeschools and what should be set aside? We'll look at homeschool mom's new year's resolutions, things we should think about as we start this new homeschool year. We'll evaluate our individual "why's" and how knowing those will strengthen our homeschool resolve when things get tough. Finally, we'll look at another important pillar of our homeschools and how to homeschool multiple levels when littles are involved. I can't wait to get this year started!

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