Fun Resources to Jump Start Your Homeschool

Fun resources to Jumpstart Your Homeschool

Are you a homeschooling family that sticks strictly to one curriculum or do you use the eclectic approach and try all different types of learning options?

Every homeschooling family is different and there is really no right or wrong way to homeschool your child. As long as they are learning, life is beautiful. Sometimes homeschoolers may find themselves stuck in a rut and just ready to try something new. There are so many resources, curriculums, and ideas out there that cater to homeschoolers; it can be overwhelming at times.

Do you currently have an elementary child in your homeschool and would like to try something new or add something to your learning styles and approaches? Let me take a load off with some of my favorite picks for elementary resources, curriculum, and overall ideas.

101 Chapter Books to Read Before you Grow Up. I found this idea on Feels Like Home Blog.   These books range from Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Robin Hood to The Wind in the Willows and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Elementary Homeschool Apps. Since we live in a technologically advanced world it’s inevitable that our children will be doing some of their learning online as well as on tablets, etc. With that said, I have come across a few awesome homeschool apps such as I Write Words and Freefall Spelling.

Free Spanish Lessons for Kids. Did you know that your child can learn a language such as Spanish effectively without paying an arm and a leg? These sites are absolutely free. My kids love it. Here are the sites we use in our homeschool: ● Duo Lingo ● Salsa Spanish ● KnowItAll Spanish ● Mango Spanish Paragraph of the Week.

If you are looking to enhance your child’s writing skills and creativity, check out Paragraph of the Week. This can actually improve your child’s writing. It includes writing prompt activities for the entire year. Narrative, Informational, and Persuasive!

Virtual Field Trips Around the World. It would be so awesome to travel the world with your homeschool wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s just not reality or practical for many, but I love the fact that the Internet makes it an exciting place to visit around the world virtually. Check out­web­take­kids­virtual­field­trips/? hFfe2Js1z to start taking your virtual trip around the world.

Typekids: Online Typing Course for Kids. Are you searching high and low for a kids typing course? Your search is over. Typekids is an online typing course for kids. And guess what? You can get a free trial for your first three lessons. No credit card required.

For more creative ideas, resources, and curriculum visit the wonderful world of Pinterest. Ideas are abundant there.