Vacation with a Vision

No matter when you go, or how you go, or even where you go, vacations are a great way to rest and recharge with family. They can mean even more if you endow them with vision. This year, get the most bang for your buck by asking the question: What could we do that would change us?


A Vacation Vision gives your vacation purpose. And it works even if you’re not leaving town. For example:

This year, we’ll focus on others.

Go on a family missions trip. Spend the week helping build a Habitat Home. Volunteer to cook or clean at a camp. Help family friends pack up and move. Spend your vacation shopping, cleaning, babysitting, and cooking for someone experiencing illness or loss.

Staycation: Camp in your backyard, flag down the ice cream truck for a treat, have a treasure hunt, or play flashlight tag

This year, we’ll learn something new.

Pair new adventures with learning. Try a new Chinese restaurant after everyone can use chopsticks. Take a trip to the mountains that includes white water rafting. Learn sign language before visiting in a deaf community. Tour a factory or a local market.


Staycation: Learn what it’s like to visit old spots at new times. A trip to your favorite lake is good. A sunrise breakfast there—even better! A drive-thru for shakes and fries is good. Drive-thru with kids in their pjs—even better!

This year, spontaneity is our watchword.

Choose spur-of-the-moment activities like roadside museums or the scenic highway. lists locations for everything from the world’s largest peanut to a Cadillac ranch. Select state favorites or map a particular city to find unique attractions. These apps may also help: Hotel Tonight (last-minute reservations) and Travel Zoo (map-based locations).


Staycation: Camp in your backyard, chase the ice cream truck, have a treasure hunt, or play flashlight tag.


When choosing to vacation with vision, you won’t just see a change in the scenery. You might also see a change in your family!


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