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The Perfect Homeschool Schedule

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Many folks new to homeschooling struggle with this dilemma while adjusting to their new lifestyle. My roll as a homeschool mentor mom reminded me of this all too common and nagging issue.

I picked up the ringing phone as a new homeschooler breathlessly launched into a detailed account of how she spent every moment of the last six hours with her first grader. When she finally ran out of air, I told her to relax and take a breath. We talked about how homeschooling is a marathon not a sprint.

We discussed ways she can create a schedule that fulfills her child’s educational requirements without exhausting both of them by 3rd grade. I could hear the tension easing out of her spine and shoulders as the rapid pace of her words slowed to normal.

I’ve seen it over and over again. Moms new to homeschooling are terrified they will fail their children, fail to meet the expectations of others, and fail to live up to the best laid plans of their hearts.

We fall into the trap of thinking success grows out of having the perfect homeschool schedule. More often than not, we see another family who seems to have it all together and ask, “What is your schedule like?” We think success will follow if we fall in step with their daily patterns.

Well, here’s a thought – when is life ever flawless? If ‘normal’ adult life does not zip along without complications, we can expect that this new way of living life will have its share of complexities as well.

The rhythm of your day did not look like your best friend’s, your fellow church member’s, or  the teacher in your child’s former 3rd grade classroom before you started to homeschool. It surely won’t be any different now that you’ve begun homeschooling!

It’s okay to think about the rhythm of your own family life and craft your school day schedule around the unique needs and rhythms of your life.

Our good friend Amy, of Raising Arrows, has an idea for those of you struggling to find freedom in your homeschool schedule. After reading her post, we at Homeschool Launch know you will feel empowered to think more creatively and confidently about finding your homeschool schedule. We hope you’ll feel empowered to find your own path instead of trying to match the pace of another homeschool family.

Let us know if you use a 4-day week in your home? What led you to use that schedule? What unique way have you found to build your schedule around your family’s needs? Let us know in the comments below.

 This article was originally published on our Homeschool Launch Blog.

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