Saving money buying books

Saving Money Buying Books

As we are moving to a new area, I am looking for ways to save on expenses.

We are moving from a fairly large area to a much smaller town.  Already, I am missing our huge (World’s Largest Single Story) public library that was a homeschooler’s dream.  If I didn’t have a book, the librarians were more than willing to order me a book through Inter-Library Loan.

The new area charges for those who don’t live in the city limits.

I called the little community library and they were so sweet.  I felt like a found a new Grandma who would make me cookies.  But, she knew nothing about the library.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  This sweet lady just volunteers to answer the phone but really knows nothing about the library’s policy.  One thing for sure, I made a new friend, at least on the telephone.  However, I still have a dilemma.

Books can be expensive.

They can cut into a homeschooler’s budget quickly especially when you have a family who loves to read.

So I found a few alternatives to buying retail:

  • The NEW Teach Them Diligently Curriculum Classifieds
    An awesome brand new way to find or post books with other homeschoolers.  You must have a Facebook account to participate – who knows what deals you might find.
  • Homeschool Buyers Co-op
    This has saved us a lot of money by buying in “bulk” with other homeschoolers.
  • When You Rise Up – Buying Used Curriculum
    (Holly, has listed ways to save using yahoo groups and other ways to buy curriculum at a discount.)
  • Paperback Swap
    This is a simple way to swap books with other members.  This site has blessed my family many times.
  • Thrift shops, Consignment Stores, Goodwill, and/or Yard Sales
    When we are on road trips we visit stores in other cities and found “treasures” for less than a dime.
  • Digital Copies
    Only brave people go digital.  I’m not brave.  I like smelling, feeling and being able to read with a flashlight and not have to depend on me charging a tablet.  However, e-books are so much cheaper than normal retail and I feel I must mention it.
  • Free Kindle Books
    If you do have a tablet or phone that has a Kindle App, here is an awesome Pinterest Board that updates Free Kindle Books.
  • ILL – Inter Library Loan
    My most favorite resource in finding free books.  If your library has this resource, it is great for homeschoolers.  I have found so many “old” books that are no longer in print via this method.
  • Friends!  Some of my friends have bookshelves in their home that just collect dust.  If I put on my personal Facebook that I am needing to borrow a book, it never fails, someone always has a copy.

What is your best way to save money buying books?  Please feel free to share your own resources, this Mama is going to need them.

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

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