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Homeschool Parents and Graduation Planning

For homeschoolers, a more exciting sign of spring than blooming flowers, warmer sunshine, and the arrival of daylight saving time is graduation planning.

Our minds fill with so many thoughts from the practical logistics of the day to the whispers that you might be “less than” and have passed that failure on to your graduate.

Do these thoughts plague you? If so, take courage because every other homeschool parent wrestles with them as well!

Did I teach enough?

Don’t worry. Every homeschool parent has that question. In fact, I asked that of myself when each of my three children was preparing for graduation. We go through mental and actual checklists of typical college prep subjects. We forget the only checklist that matters is God’s. If we have teach our children about Jesus and his salvation, we have completed the necessary checklist. He sees the earnestness of our efforts through the years and will grant increase to our efforts. God will add all other needed things, and we will be amazed at how it all fits together. (Matt. 6:33)

What about a graduation ceremony?

Homeschool groups, co-ops, and state organizations have formal graduation ceremonies. Some families have a special celebration with family members and friends. Some, as in the case of my youngest, just move onto the next phase of life. Don’t worry about what others are doing or what is considered tradition. Have a family discussion about how to celebrate, or not, this life transition. Let your graduate make the call.

What next?

Our society, even the homeschool society, assumes our grads are going to college. But, how about our kids who are not going to college? There are many reasons a high school graduate may not head directly to college, or even go to college at all. Is a plan in place? Have you talked with your teen about the non-college options? Are you ready to answer the question about why college isn’t in the future plans?

What about me?

My youngest finished high school in 2000. Not only was my son making future decisions, but so was I. What would I do now that I was no longer homeschooling? I chose to remain in the homeschool community to help parents who are starting their homeschool journey. I also helped homeschool my grandkiddos. You will have many options if you look around for them. Yes, life will be different. You are entering a new season of your life. Talk with God about where he wants you to go next. He really will meet you in the moment.

Spring is a time to look forward. Look forward to flowers, sunshine, daylight saving time (well, maybe not so much), and graduation. Make the most of this season of change. Celebrate the journey behind you and anticipate the one ahead. Enjoy every minute as you look forward to the new path God has for your child . . . and you.

This article was originally published on our Homeschool Launch Blog.


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