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6 Educational Advantages of Homeschooling

Making the transition into homeschooling can be a tough one. In the midst of a decision that will affect your child’s future, it’s natural to experience a flood of questions concerning your child’s well-being. If you’re on the fence about deciding whether to homeschool your child or keep them in a public or private school system, we are here to help. We’ve worked to create a curriculum that allows your child to get the most out of his or her homeschool educational experience.

1. Positive Environment

No more noisy classrooms, rambunctious classmates or other unnecessary distractions that can easily lead a formative mind away from an important lesson. You are now in complete control of what your child will be exposed to, and there will be no question about what’s going on at school. Is there a more stable way to educate a child than within the comfort and security of your home?

2. Teachers Who Care

Parents understand God’s love for His children in a special way. For parents, nothing is more important than the well-being of their children. In a homeschool environment, every student has the most dedicated teacher on the planet: their parents. Since the moment you brought your children home from the hospital, you’ve been watching them learn about themselves and develop their own incredible, unique personalities. And that makes you the most dedicated and qualified teacher they could have.

3. Individualized Education

Everybody learns differently. It’s true no matter a person’s age – we each interpret and retain information in our own unique way. And this is even more valid when we talk about the young mind trying to comprehend important lessons in the classroom and the outside world. Let’s say a child in a public or private school classroom of 25 is excelling in English but struggling with geometry. This young student is a poetic and masterful writer, but math has never been his forte. The teacher, who can’t slow the rest of the class down for one student, has to push on with her predetermined lesson plans.

This would be much easier to control in a homeschool environment. When you have the capability to move at a speed tailored to your child’s understanding, he is going to learn more efficiently. Plus, you can dive deeper into specific interests to further develop his strengths.

4. A Solution To A Problem

Although many families choose to homeschool their children long-term with great success, there is a wide range of reasons a family might choose to homeschool a child. The Abeka community is diverse, with families who use a variety of methods to teach their children at home – some are parent-led, some eclectic, and others use our streaming lessons called Abeka Academy. But for many other families, homeschool is simply a solution to a temporary problem. For instance, if the environment at school is rough for your fifth-grader, but there is only one year left until a change of scenery in middle school, your child may only need to homeschool for one year. Or, if your child needs to be held back because a certain subject is challenging him or her, a single year of one-on-one time with that challenging subject might do the trick. Homeschool can be a solution to a problem and is not always a permanent landing pad for every child’s educational journey.

5. Better Teaching Materials

According to recent studies from the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschool students continue to outperform their public and private school counterparts, scoring above average on achievement tests. Regardless of the parent’s level of formal education, options like Abeka Academy and parent-led teaching provide the support system you need as a homeschool teacher. And any additional help you may require is just a click or a phone call away.

6. Build a Relationship With God

Homeschool parents have the freedom to incorporate Bible study into their daily lesson plans. There are no barriers or restrictions preventing your child from gaining spiritual knowledge and a traditional education. Abeka’s curriculum is founded on Biblical principles and includes scripture throughout. You’ll have opportunities to instill God’s truth and love into their hearts and minds seven days a week.

The unique opportunity to spend time with your child every day and enjoy watching their minds grow is not one that everyone has, and it’s not the right solution for every family. But for moms like Ruth Tinsley, it’s been a blessing. To learn more about how to decide if homeschool is the right path for your family, please reach out to us. We’d love to help.



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