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4 Ways Homeschooling Differs from Traditional Schools

At some point on the homeschool journey, many parents make the mistake of forgetting that homeschooling does not need to look like public school. In fact, many of you probably stopped sending your child to a public or private school because something about traditional schooling wasn’t working.

So we’re here to remind you: there are many ways that homeschooling can, and maybe should, look different than traditional schooling. Here are just a few:

Seating is flexible.

Gone are the days of forcing your squirmy child to sit still at a metal desk. Where does your child focus the best? Under the table? Dancing at a desk? Laying half on the couch and half on the floor? More power to you! Don’t waste your energy forcing your child into a seat that replicates those at a traditional school.

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Your classroom is EVERYWHERE.

You took your child out of school for a reason. So take them out! Nature is the only classroom where the curriculum is included. Take advantage of the great outdoors or find other exciting places to turn into impromptu classrooms. Libraries and historical sites are some of our favorites!

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Your curriculum is not set in stone.

Thousands of dollars are poured into curriculum at public school, so even if that curriculum becomes outdated or proves ineffective, kids are stuck with it. Curriculum changes are slow and bureaucratic, but not at your homeschool! The benefit of buying homeschool curriculum year by year (or even unit by unit) is that you are free to try new things if something isn’t working. Pick and choose by subject, by grade, and especially by child. You are not bound till-death-do-you-part to a curriculum. Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially if something isn’t working.

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You set the hours.

It might be shocking to hear, but 8 hours a day for school is not a magic number. Traditional schools are 8 hours long to conform to the adult work day schedule, but in most cases, that doesn’t apply to you. That means your hours of schooling will likely be much different than a traditional school. Of course, it is important to meet your state’s requirements for the number of learning hours, but if you want your homeschooling to start at 11 a.m. instead of 8 a.m., go for it! How about a half day on Friday? You got it!

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