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5 Things You May Not Know About Homeschooling with Abeka Academy

abeka academy homeschool resources

As a busy mom, your time is limited. You’ve become a pro at multitasking, but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day. Abeka Academy could be a lifesaver for you.

abeka academy

1.  Provides Freedom To Homeschool Moms

Abeka Academy is a homeschool program with video lessons taught by our master teachers. This product provides all the benefits of a Christian education, without the burden of developing and teaching each lesson yourself.

All you have to do is select a full-grade enrollment (link: and decide if you’d prefer to purchase the book package to go along with your tuition—or if you’ll obtain the necessary texts separately. You’ll immediately receive an email link to redeem your enrollment. From there, you begin exploring the easy-to-use dashboard, customize your calendar, keep track of lesson plans, and give your kids their daily assignments.


abeka academy homeschool resources

2.  Offers Full Accreditation and College Preparatory Enrollment

Abeka Academy is a great homeschool choice for K5–12th grade because it provides your child with a college preparatory, traditional, structured education led by experienced Christian school teachers. Select the fully accredited option at no additional charge, or choose independent study if added flexibility works better for your child.

When you choose the accredited option, Abeka provides you with the official report cards and transcripts whenever you need them. These are crucial to the college application process and only available to accredited homeschool programs.


abeka academy homeschool resources3.  Features Live Help

If your child ever has questions about a subject or just needs some extra help learning a concept or skill, call our Abeka Academy helpline. A qualified academic advisor can answer your questions. You’ll even be able to log into a virtual chalkboard so you can see how your advisor diagrams a sentence or solves a problem in real time.




abeka academy homeschool resources4.  Affordable Pricing and Payment Plans Allow Your Family Financial Freedom

According to research, the lowest (link: cost of sending your child to a private school per year is $4,209. Abeka Academy (link: offers the exact same curriculum for less than half the price per year. It’s hard to argue with an affordable education that allows your children to learn at home. Abeka also offers flexible payment (link: plans to keep costs manageable for every family.


abeka academy homeschool resources5.  Gives Moms Flexibility

Abeka Academy offers homeschool moms the ability to have a full-time teacher on site every single day, in the form of video-streaming or pre-recorded DVDs. But if you’re not ready to go totally digital with your child’s curriculum, our FlexTeach (Link: approach gives you the ability to pick and choose which subjects you’d prefer be taught by a veteran Christian School teacher.



For example, if you’re looking forward to teaching English and History, but would rather have trained teachers on deck for Chemistry or Algebra, no problem. You can choose a single-subject enrollment for any particular middle school or high school course. If you only want a few hours of video lessons for extra review or labs, you can do that, too. No child is the same, so we don’t expect every student to follow the same, identical path. You get to choose what works best for your child.


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