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Homeschooling Multiple Ages. By September McCarthy

For those of us teaching many children, in multiple grades and wondering if we are giving them the best education and keeping our wits about us, this workshop is for YOU!September has ten children over the past 24 years and has a storehouse of ideas, tips and encouragement for the family that is doing their […]

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Dealing with Doubt: Strengthening Your Children’s Faith. by Chuck Black

At fourteen years old I faced an episode of doubt in my life that lasted for fourteen years. Because of it I could not claim God’s Word as infallible nor witness boldly to anyone seeking answers about Jesus Christ. God preserved my faith through it all, but much was lost to those years lived in […]

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Only YOU Can Do It! Becoming The Mom (or Dad) You Want Your Children To Have. By Leslie Nunnery

Whether by birth or by choice, you are called to love your children deeply and to teach them diligently—and that specific privilege of being their mom and dad is reserved for you alone! During this hour, we’ll explore how you can become the mom or dad you really want your children to have—and that God […]

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Boy Parent, Hero Parent by Hal and Melanie young

The Bible says that children are a gift from God – but why is parenting a boy such a challenge? They live in constant motion, unending distraction, noise without limit and curious to boot. Yet there’s a purpose behind the uproar, and if we seek out God’s aim for our sons, we take part in […]

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Marriage and Relationships. By Steve Blackston

In this session we are going to sit down and discuss what is needed in a Biblicalrelationship and marriage. We will be looking at what God expects out of both of usand what we may be expecting out of our spouse and just not getting. This is for both guys and gals and is expected […]

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Responding Biblically to Marital Conflict by Lisa Schmidt

Marital conflict began with Adam and Eve in the Garden. Neither of them was willing to take responsibility for their own personal sin and instead blamed someone else for it. Not surprisingly, we still do the same thing today. We blame our spouse, our children, our parents, our past, our circumstances and the list goes […]

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