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Real Moms with Cari Britt and Julie Rose

   This month on Real Moms of TTD365, Cari & Julie shared their tips and tricks for raising boys! They will teach us items to keep in mind during the younger years, but we are also going to dive into the preteen and teen years too. Everything from friendships, our relationship with them, how to foster […]

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Young Men and Low Expectations

Young men have gone from storming the beaches of Normandy to storming the fridge for leftover pizza. The expectations our culture has placed on young men have decreased with every generation. So, the result has been a generation of young men who have traded purpose for play. How did we get here? Can we and should expect more from our young men? Do young men want to be challenged? This workshop will answer those three questions and share vital principles for demanding more from the next generation.

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Shining Armor:Your Son’s Battle for Purity

It comes as a surprise, but the years from 9 to 12 can be some of the most challenging of all. Long before peach fuzz or body changes, you have to cope with outbursts of anger and the ???nobody loves me’ blues, but somebody’s got to be the adult around here. Learn how to survive, and make the teen years great!

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Raising Real Men: Surviving and Appreciating Boys

Have you ever had war break out during a play date? A single math lesson take three hours? Find your child turns every object into a pretend weapon? Then maybe you’re raising a boy! Hal and Melanie Young have SIX sons and a wealth of experience and Biblical principles – and a sense of humor – to encourage and empower the parents of boys.

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Shining Armor

Most purity resources these days focus on girls, but purity tends to be a much bigger problem for young men, and many seem hopelessly naïve about the battles our sons are facing. How can you teach your boys to guard their hearts and keep them pure? How can you help them to fight temptation in a world full of inappropriate images? How can you help them make the transition from “It’s not time to think about that…” to finding a wife? Come hear the parents of six sons give you frank, practical advice on raising your son to be a virtuous knight.

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