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Faith, Service, Fun — Patti Garibay

American Heritage Girls was founded around a kitchen table in 1995 by a group of parents living in a northern suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their frustration with the way their beloved scouting organization was handling matters of faith and culture led to a vision of a fun-filled, Christ-centered, service-oriented, outdoor emphasized educational opportunity for girls. […]

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Getting Started: OH Homeschool Regulations and Notification

Speaker: Debbie Gibson If you are a new homeschooler, a relatively new homeschooler, or a prospective a homeschooler, this session will make you confident in understanding Ohio’s regulations and sending your notification. We’ll walk through the regulations and notification process step-by-step. Forms for notification will be provided to attendees. Listen Now

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Getting Started Homeschooling: Everything from A to Z

This session is a practical “how-to” workshop, intended to help new home educators meet the Ohio state requirements for notification and assessment. Melanie will review Ohio’s homeschool regulations in a way that is interactive and engaging, as well as provide examples of notifications and Ohio’s assessment options. Whether you are in the process of deciding to home educate or you are ready to begin, this is an important session that will provide answers to all your homeschool questions!

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Young Men and Low Expectations

Young men have gone from storming the beaches of Normandy to storming the fridge for leftover pizza. The expectations our culture has placed on young men have decreased with every generation. So, the result has been a generation of young men who have traded purpose for play. How did we get here? Can we and should expect more from our young men? Do young men want to be challenged? This workshop will answer those three questions and share vital principles for demanding more from the next generation.

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You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup – Making A Plan to Nurture Your Heart

Discouraged, depleted, and running on empty? Nurturing your heart is the key to finding joy as well as succeeding in teaching your children. Come learn how to fill your heart through spiritual growth and fellowship with other homeschool moms so you can pour love into your children every day.

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