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Eradicating All Learning Challenges!

Speaker: Linda Kane Don’t LIVE WITH learning challenges and labels. ERADICATE THEM! There is nothing more difficult than not knowing how to help your struggling child. Linda will give you reasons for the struggles, and activities to stimulate the brain to produce lasting change. God created us with a specific blueprint to follow. Anything missed […]

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To Label or Not to Label… That is the Question

Speaker: Dr. Jan Bedell Is your child struggling behaviorally or academically? Have you wondered if there would be a label if your child was tested? Are you feeling devastated by labels already received? This workshop is for you! The NeuroDevelopmental Approach looks at whole child and teaches parents to accelerate progress by identifying root causes […]

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Should I Homeschool My Child Who Needs Special Attention

Neurodevelopmentalist, Jan Bedell, shares her personal story of homeschooling her special needs daughter and how stimulating the brain encourages it to work better. From early childhood, there are special tools you can use that will effect them in their later years. Listen Now

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