Jon and Ann Dunagan

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Aiming Our Arrows into Adulthood

As homeschooling parents, how can we prepare our children, to be arrows for God’s purposes? How can we prepare our hearts (through prayer and effective communication) to release our children to God? The Dunagan’s homeschooled for 27 years, teaching all seven of their children, all K-12 — all now launched into their adult life, in International Business, Engineering, Global Missions, Christian ministry, Education, and the Arts — with graduations, college success, joyful weddings, and many grandchildren! In this session, you’ll be encouraged, from a solid biblical foundation, for life beyond homeschooling – with next-generation purpose. Let’s aim and release our arrows, for the glory of God.

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Family Leadership for the Next Generation

Jon and Ann Dunagan with Harvest Ministries shares what family leadership looks like. Teenage boys will grow up to be leaders of homes and ministries. We are not just teaching children, we are raising the next generation to love God and lead the way in ministry. Listen Now

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Mission Minded Families

Hudson Taylor said, “The Great Commission is not an option to consider, it is a command to obey. For Christian homeschooling families, “World Missions” is more than an optional elective; instead, it’s a foundational worldview for training our children for God. In this session, you’ll glean from Jon and Ann’s global perspective, based on their three Mission-Minded books, many exciting homeschooling adventures, and over 25 years of remote mission evangelism to every continent on earth. Yet as Jon and Ann emphasize, “Missions is not just for missionaries; God’s call is for all.”

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