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Truth Changes Everything

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Myers From social conflict to purposelessness and lack of identity, the loss of truth affects us every day. Is all hope lost? In this talk, Dr. Jeff Myers shares the fascinating stories of Jesus-followers who lived for truth and transformed the world in times of crisis. These inspiring figures led the way […]

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Hearing and Understanding God’s Call on Your Life

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Myers “Follow your dreams.” “Discover your passion.” “Take some time to find yourself.” The culture is full of hideous advice such as this that makes it harder, not easier, to find a sense of calling in life. We’ll examine the idea of “vocation” (from the Latin Vocare, “to call”) to discover those […]

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Standing in the Land of Giants: Four Ways to Grow our Children as Leaders

Speaker: Dr. Jeff Myers We daily face giants of culture that cause our kids to lose hope instead of embracing God’s promises. How do we prepare kids to stand alone even when everything seems to be falling apart? With our guide Dr. Jeff Myers from Summit Ministries we’ll look at four areas where we and […]

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