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How To Homeschool With Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus

This session provides a very practical look at how homeschooling can be a great blessing for your family– and how you as a homeschool mom can truly grow through the process. We’ll get an overview of home education from the start of your journey to the finish line, so you’ll feel better prepared for every step of the way. This time will be followed by a time of questions from the audience.

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Abeka tips for homeschool success

11 Tips for Homeschool Success

Homeschooling is a wonderful, worthwhile journey, but even the most experienced homeschool parents sometimes need a bit of advice or encouragement. Here are 11 tips for success.

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Home Education Why and How

Homeschool families are abandoning home education which reflects that families do not have a how and a why for homeschooling. This session will break down the how and the why of homeschooling. Listen Now

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