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Finding Fun and Unique Ways to Teach Your Children

When we think of educating our children, we often think of our children sitting at desks or the kitchen table using textbooks and workbooks. While this kind of teaching/learning is enjoyable to some students, most students (and parents!) enjoy breaking out of the more traditional classroom setting in exchange for ideas and activities that are more fun! It is possible to incorporate alternative kinds of teaching and learning into your homeschool, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! There are ways to use hands-on activities, dance, poetry, drama, experiments, fun literature-related activities, music, travel, and more to spice up your homeschool! If you’re in a homeschool rut or if you’re just not sure how to add a little fun and adventure to your homeschool, we would love to share some ideas and information with you! Your children will thank you (Ok…it may be years from now! But they will!) and your family may discover a new love for learning this school year!

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So What Exactly is a Lapbook

The lapbook and how you can use a lapbook with anything your child is currently learning! Anything can be made into a lapbook! Hear how to make a lapbook and the many benefits for hands on learners! Listen Now

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Lapbooking: a Beginner’s Guide

What is a lapbook and how can it help you better educate your children? Lapbooking is scrapbooking for education by creating a hands-on photo album for what your child is learning. This session will direct you to how to create a lapbook and the benefits of using them. Listen Now

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Nerf Guns and Shaving Cream: Teaching kids who cannot sit still

What is evolution based on? What is science? Does science support this theory? Not at all! This session provides some simple, nuts-and-bolts reasons why Darwinian evolution cannot work and why many scientists are abandoning it.

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A Hands On Approach To Educating Your Preschoolers

During this session we will define the components of a quality preschool education, identify some of the important skills preschoolers need to learn, and learn how to create lessons and activities using a thematic hands on approach and look at lesson examples.

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