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Don’t Learn a Foreign Language Actually Talk in One

Adelaide Olguin shares about how her family traveled around the world learning different languages and culture. You too can learn a language and you can speak in that language! How do you immerse yourself in the language? What is a good plan to reach fluency? Listen Now

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Latin: The Heart of a Classical Education

: Could you explain where the water for a world-wide flood would have come from, & where it all went afterward?! Many Christians can’t. Understanding the flood (the purpose, causes, aftermath and evidence) is very important to an understanding of a biblically sound creation model. This session covers the basics of this event, and also includes a video & PowerPoint presentation of the ???Hydroplate Theory??? – a biblically accurate and scientifically feasible portrayal of the flood event.

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Provide Your Students with a Fabulous Foreign Language Experience

Developing of the love of learning a foreign language. Hear tools and tips of how to successfully expose your children to foreign languages and create a love of learning them! Listen Now

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