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Round Rock, TX Audio Collection

The Power Source of Men is Knowing Who and Whose You Are

Speaker: Norm Wakefield What defines a man? It’s his identity source. We’ll look for four identity principles that define Jesus. These four principles are at work in every man. They explain why men have become what they are, and provide insight into how a man’s life can be transformed. It’s all a matter of identity […]

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Aaron and His Sons: Understanding the Dangers of Passive Fathering

In Leviticus 10 we read the serious disobedience of Aaron’s four sons. Could their sin have been connected to Aaron’s passivity as a father? In this session for men will examine our enemy of spiritual passivity and talk about strategies to defeat it.

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The Most Important Quality in a Dad

The Holy Spirit informs us that without love, knowledge is nothing and sacrificial service is a waste of time. It’s love that surpasses knowledge and makes our lives fruitful and fulfilling resulting in a fulness of joy for both yourself and your family. In this session, you’ll be encouraged to live to love, learn what hinders the flow of God’s love, and how to love with the love of Christ which leads to His fullness of joy and glory to God.

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Breaking Free From the Patterns of Your Father

The behavior of fathers, how to break the toxic pattern of fathers, and inspiration for the future of fathers. This session will inspire you to break the hurtful patterns of unfaithful fathers in order to lead families in a God-glorifying way! We need a new kind of father. Listen Now

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How to Lead Your Homeschool Family with Vision

From the resource, Equipping Men, Norm Wakefield speaks to men about their identity of leading their families to Jesus. Fathers and Husbands have an irreplaceable role to lead their families and be the head of the family in which to lead. Listen Now

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