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Bible Study for Really Busy Mamas

Pam Forster Mommas should be studying the Bible, but finding time in the midst of raising kids can be challenging. This session will give helpful resources and tips for how busy moms can study the Bible and grow in their faith in Christ. Listen Now

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APPLES for the Teacher

The gift of a fresh, shiny apple still represents respect and gratitude towards one’s teacher. Why should it be any different for the homeschooling mom? They typically carry the lion’s share of the homeschooling workload. To help them avoid burnout, husbands need to help their wife avoid feeling 100% of the homeschooling responsibility. Your wife needs to hear “thank you” in many different ways and know for sure that you are engaged. In this session, Davis gives six real and practical ideas for supporting your wife in the homeschooling journey.

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