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Biblical Discernment in an Unbiblical Age

Speaker: Heidi St. John Our grandparents were bombarded with Christian values in a world firmly grounded on faith and family. Our parents were a part of a cultural revolution in which faith became laughable and families were disassembled on a wholesale basis. And now we find ourselves awash in a world where what is good […]

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The Art of Storytelling

Speaker: Mark Hamby In an age of amusement, we must guard against influences that excite the senses, circumvent reason, and foster gullibility. Through the art of storytelling and the prodding of the mysterious ancient Shepherd of Ecclesiastes 12, learn how to test the worthiness of stories—a collection of words that represent an author’s worldview. Discover […]

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Discerning My Calling

I believe the workplace is our mission field and we need to follow the guidance of the Lord to find the right mission field for each of us.

In Jeremiah 29:11 God says I know the plans I have for you…to prosper and not to harm…to give hope and a future.

When young people tune into their God-given skills, personality, strengths, and spiritual gifts, they make more satisfying decisions and have fewer regrets about school, college, and career.

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Developing Discernment in Your Child

The enemy is a master at deception and often times our children fall prey to his lies. Teaching your child the ability to discern truth is critical to spiritual survival. Chuck offers sound advice and some practical tips on how to develop spiritual discernment in your children.

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Guiding our Kids through Social Media 101

This seminar will share how families all over the country are learning to hide God’s Word in their heart! Mega Verses includes 48 passages of scripture put to music covering 25 verses that every family should know. If your looking for a great resource and ideas on how to start your family memorizing chunks of scripture, then you need to check out Mega Verses.

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Teaching Discernment

How do we teach discernment to our children? Hal and Melanie Young share how small steps of acceptance can turn the hearts of our children to justifying actions. This session will inspire you to be vigilant for your children as you shepherd their hearts toward knowing truth and living in truth. Listen Now

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Teaching (and Learning) Obedience

This week, we are going to discuss how important it is to teach obedience while your children are little, as well as what I have observed as my teens have grown up that is really encouraging! We’ll also get a bit personal as we discuss how obedience in adults is also a critically important trait.

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