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Discovering the Artist Within

Don’t feel like you’re creative, or perhaps you have let your creativity lie dormant? We were all created in God’s image, which means each of us has creativity that needs to be nurtured and developed in order for us, and our children, to be whole hearted individuals. In this session, Lori will not only remind you of that creativity but also give you practical ways grow that creativity within your own life and the life of your family.

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Guiding the Creative Child

Jim Pence shares how he was the creative child growing up. This session will share how God uses simple acts of creativity to bring glory to Himself but also inspire a child to thrive in the midst of their lives! Listen Now

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Building Mental Muscles: Strengthening Your Child’s Mind to Learn for God

Sally describes seven crucial mental “muscles” needed for learning that will give your child the mental strength to become a strong learner—habits, appetites, language, creativity, curiosity, reason, wisdom. As with Sally’s other sessions, this one is full of practical insights and personal anecdotes.

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