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Sparking Curiosity and Delight in Childhood

Speaker: Amber Johnston When children show strong abilities in one area or another, the adults in their lives often encourage them to pursue hobbies and careers that play off those strengths. That may certainly be an advantage, but sometimes the strategy can leave children feeling incomplete. In this session, we’ll explore a path that supports […]

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A Great Awakening: The Mind, Media and Imagination

This seminar promises to be a great awakening in an age when images deaden our senses and rob us of creative imagination. Based on the timeless principles of Romans 4 and 5, and 2 Peter 1, parents will discover why stories with characters of unwavering character are essential for children of all ages, in all subject areas. Believing that you will be the same five years from now as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read, calls for a rebirth of inspiring moral literature! In this dramatized lecture, be prepared to laugh and be brought to tears as Mark Hamby demonstrates the power of character-based literature and exposes the foolishness of Folly’s seductive influences prevalent in today’s “Christian” literature. All attendees will be given an annotated bibliographical catalog of inspiring Christian literature written during the 17th–19th centuries.

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