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Who Owns Your Children

Are your children owned by government or parents? A wonderful discussion about the effects of public school on our children. The government agenda is a real thing which is influencing our children and our government is truly aware of how they are influencing our children. Listen Now

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Teaching the Relationship Between God and Government

Freedom Project Education addresses the relationship between God and government. A view of education in early America and how the founding of government and home education effected our legacy. Listen Now

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The Relationship God and Government

The relationship between God and government in the early days of American were incredibly clear. Over the years, there has been a change and it has become a little less obvious. Very few people in American understand their history and their heritage. This session will explain how the government should be limited. Americanism is the […]

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The Stuff Of Legend- Teaching Heritage and History Through Heroes

By catching the imagination, we light the fuse of interest in history, heritage and literature.Through vivid connections with real heroes of legend, children connect with their ancestors and the past comes alive.

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