Steve Noble

Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, father, talk radio show host, teacher, activist, and speaker. Steve is the Host of The Steve Noble Show, a nationally syndicated daily Christian talk radio show that launched in 2007. Today the show is heard on 35 stations across NC + SC/VA/UT. Steve also launched NOBLE U in 2022 to add online classes after having taught over 600 HS students locally since 2011.

Workshops from Steve Noble (may vary by event location)

“The Red Pill” – Fighting Back Against Cultural Indoctrination

Starting in kindergarten, the culture is seeking to indoctrinate our children with a godless, anti-Christian “operating system” via the internet, smartphones, entertainment, and education. This worldview grows underneath the surface – much like an iceberg – until it can be clearly seen once our children leave the home for college or other endeavors as young adults. Sadly, most parents are unaware of this alternate operating system until it seems to be too late…but it’s never too late for God. I hope you will join me to learn more about this dangerous operating system and how to counter it.

U.S. History: The Left, The Right, and The Truth.

The history of our nation has become a political football as the Left seeks to re-define America as a horrible nation…while the Right struggles to restrain its own pro-American bias. As Christians, our allegiance to The Truth should override our political biases, even when it comes to studying the history of our great – albeit far from perfect – nation. Can you handle the Truth? Please join me as we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly and how to teach U.S. History in a way that blesses God, builds a Christian worldview, and honors many of the amazing aspects of our nation.