Sherri Seligson

Sherri Seligson is a 21-year homeschool veteran, M.Ed., and marine biologist. She has authored several Apologia middle and high school science courses as well as their instructional video courses, the Nature Truths devotional, and many other publications. An international conference speaker, Sherri encourages moms and teaches families the value and adventure of studying God’s creation.

Workshops from Sherri Seligson (may vary by event location)

Nature is the Best Science Classroom

Have you ever taken a walk outside with a three-year-old? It can take forever as each leaf needs to be examined, acorns need to be gathered, and flowers need to be smelled. This is not just because your child is stalling before naptime. The outdoors is one of the best environments to teach science, focusing on God’s amazing creation and its complex design. Research has also demonstrated that being outside improves attention, memory, and learning. Join Sherri as she explores the how and why behind taking your science (and other subjects) outside and how to document what you are learning together. It is easy and FUN!

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A Scientist’s Showcase of Amazing Creatures That Defy Evolutionary Theory

What are we to do when faced with a world telling us it is a certainty that all organisms evolved from primordial ooze? How can our students give an answer when these ideas come up in discussions as they begin to move out from under our teaching and into the world? Amazingly, the more we learn about the creatures on Earth, the more we begin to see the intricacies that do not fit with the idea of evolution, and we are beginning to see clear scientific evidence that points to a Creator. This fast-moving, high-energy workshop will cover several organisms whose features defy evolution. From dolphins and sharks to glow-in-the-dark bacteria, we’ll see how science is discovering that all creatures are far from simple.

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Building Sibling Relationships

One big parenting challenge we face involves fostering relationships between our children. We want them to be close, but those dreams can be hard to imagine amidst the continuous assertions of “Not me. HE did it!” In this workshop, Sherri shares 6 key ways she used (some accidentally) to navigate sibling relationships with her 4 children. Laugh with Sherri as you discover how to incorporate these right away. Today, she is so blessed to know that her adult children actually spend time together and pray for each other. Relationship building has to be intentional or it will not easily happen!

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Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew As a New Homeschool Mom

Let’s face it. At one time or another we all feel that by homeschooling our children, they are missing out on “something.” Yet these worries come because we are living in the moment and can’t see the big picture. After all, we’re pretty sure the 7th grader down the street is up for a Nobel Prize, everyone else is receiving a full-ride scholarship to Princeton, and we haven’t even begun to cover 13th century humanities in China! RELAX. This workshop will talk you down from the cliff – or at least encourage you that homeschooling is the BEST thing for your children. Join Sherri in a humorous, informative and revealing discussion as she shares how she went from stressing over teaching everything about everything to trusting in the path, resources, and experiences God had for her children.

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What’s Going On With Your Middle Schooler and How to Prepare Them for High School

As children mature, they experience drastic changes: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and even spiritually. It’s a natural (and good!) process of moving into adulthood. Homeschooling gives parents the unique ability to daily walk alongside them. They’ll need more sleep; more time to process what they learn; more understanding; and more showers! Join Sherri as she walks you through how to homeschool and parent during this fun and exciting development in life. Her research studies in middle school brain development shed much light on these newly-formed “nocturnal humans” in your home.

Discipleship, Brain Organization