Shay Kemp

Shay Kemp is the wife to David and mom of 5 children, ages 24 to 12, founder and owner of, which provides homeschooling curriculum, inspiration and coaching, and founder of Open Spaces CM Learning Community. Shay is passionate about providing usable resources to help families be more confident and joyful in homeschooling as she believes the Lord means for us to be!

Workshops from Shay Kemp (may vary by event location)

Flexibility Within Structure: The Way to Freedom in your Homeschooling Routine

Finding a balance between feeling tied down to a routine and having no rhythm at all to your homeschool day can elude even experienced homeschool families! In this talk, you will learn practical tips and ideas on how to set a structure for your day while also planning for flexibility. Mom of 5 and a homeschooler with over 20 years of experience, Shay Kemp offers her own time tested ideas to help your homeschooling schedule bring you joy and increase your confidence.