Sharon Fisher

Sharon Fisher is a wife, mother, and grandmother who has a passion for encouraging homeschool parents and Christian educators to teach children with excellence and with a biblical worldview. She holds a B.S. and an M.A. in Elementary Education.

She has many years of full-time teaching experience in the elementary classroom, served as Curriculum Coordinator for Bob Jones Academy, and served as an elementary author for BJU Press. She has contributed to a variety of elementary educational materials and has presented workshops both nationally and internationally on a variety of topics and teaching methods. She serves as a Social Media Coordinator, Workshop Speaker and Coordinator, Blog Writer, and Curriculum Specialist for Homeworks by Precept, a provider of excellent homeschool materials.

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Workshops from Sharon Fisher (may vary by event location)

About to Burn Out? Here’s Some Help for Homeschool Success

Are you feeling like you’re being pulled in every direction? If you’re about to burn out, come to get some encouragement and look over some biblical principles and practical tips for balancing homeschooling with the relationships and responsibilities God has given us.

Brain Organization, Encouragement, Getting Started, Growth, Homeschool Organization, Mom Encouragement

Creating a Christ-Centered Homeschool Starts with Christ!

Is Jesus on your lesson plans? Do you know how to influence your child’s worldview day-by-day and in each homeschool subject? Your child’s behavior, worldview, and what He knows about God and the subject matter you are teaching is all connected. Let’s talk about where to really start.

Bible / Scripture Memory, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Encouragement, Getting Started, Growth, Homeschool Organization, Mom Encouragement

Math That Adds Up – It’s Not Just About Numbers

How many times have you heard your child say, “I will never use this in real- life?” Why are we teaching math that way? To teach with a biblical worldview means we are teaching subject matter to equip our children with skills they need to serve God and show love to their neighbors. Let’s talk about teaching math that matters!

Encouragement, Math

Teaching Writing Simplified

One of the hardest things about teaching writing is figuring out how to grade it. Do you teach and assess the steps of the writing process? Does your child know clearly what you expect at every step? Is he motivated to write a clear message, or does he think the mechanics of spelling and grammar are all you really care about? Discover practical help to make teaching writing fun and effective.

Encouragement, Writing

Understanding the Needs of a Struggling Learner

Parents know their children better than anyone else and can become well-equipped to make accommodations to meet the needs of their struggling learner. Let’s talk about nutrition, learning environment, teaching and learning materials and styles, and routine to help meet the needs of your special learner.

Brain Organization, Encouragement, Growth, Homeschool Organization, Mom Encouragement, Special Needs