Sarah Reid

Sarah Reid was a homeschool mom and private educator for 18 years. Holding a BA in Organizational Management and an MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University, she is a lifelong learner, educator, author, and speaker. She is currently the managing director for Innovative Learning Press and when she is not writing or teaching, she’s trying to keep her garden alive.

Workshops from Sarah Reid (may vary by event location)

The Encephalon Code: Remember Everything!

Too many curricula teach students what to learn, but not HOW to learn. Rote memorization, lack of focus, and general disinterest can bring stress and anxiety to the homeschool experience. Using the latest Christ-centered neuroscience research, this fun, interactive session will introduce proven techniques for helping every student to memorize in a fraction of the time and effort with over 90% accuracy. How to improve reading speed by 70 wpm and learn a foreign language in one year.