Patti Garibay

Patti Garibay has been at the forefront of countering the culture by leading girls and women to create lives of integrity for 27 years. She is the founder and executive director of American Heritage Girls, a national Christ-centered leadership and character development program. She helps thousands of girls discover their true identity and purpose in Christ through AHG’s transformative programming.

Workshops from Patti Garibay (may vary by event location)

Raising the Next Generation of Godly Girls

Today’s youth are facing a culture that twists God’s truths into matters of opinion. Culture says that identity is malleable instead of rooted in God’s design, that individual emotions dictate global reality, and that the Biblical worldview is outdated, or worse yet, completely irrelevant. But a Godly girl knows that her identity is rooted in Christ and that the opinions of today don’t change the eternal truths found in Scripture. In this session, Patti Garibay will explore the characteristics of today’s youth and give parents the wisdom, tools, and advice needed to counter the culture.

Discipleship, Biblical Worldview

Faith, Service, Fun

In this session, American Heritage Girls (AHG) Founder & Executive Director Patti Garibay shares about the ministry of AHG, the premier character and leadership development program for girls ages 5 to 18. Patti shares how AHG has and continues to transform the lives of girls, families, and communities across the country through outdoor adventure, badge work, service projects, leadership opportunities, and more, all Christ-centered and encouraging family involvement!

Discipleship, Bible