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Norm Wakefield

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Norm Wakefield has spoken at homeschool conferences as a keynote and featured speaker since 1992. Having been a pastor for 10 years, he has a shepherd's heart and a vision to be an instrument in God's hands to turn the hearts of men to Him and to their wives and children. Norm's messages build up the body of Christ by giving practical, biblical teaching in how to apply the gospel to the most important relationships and the circumstances of life that all home educators face. You'll find Norm's messages to be powerfully life-changing because all are based soundly on the gospel with a reliance on the Holy Spirit to give understanding and application to his listeners, whether men, women, or young people.

On the personal side, Norm and Alma have been married for 45 years, have four children, and seventeen grandchildren. They have experience with children with special needs as well since their daughter, Amanda, was born with Down Syndrome.

Norm started the Spirit of Elijah Ministries International in 1997 and is the Executive Director. He has served the homeschooling community faithfully and brings experience, inspiration, spiritual depth, and practical, simple, profound insight into the Scriptures to his audiences.

Workshops from Norm Wakefield ( may vary by event location )

Fathers Impart Identity

Norm shares four identity principles that explain how our lives are shaped and defined. A dad that understands these principles is equipped to anchor their children to withstand the onslaught of the world. These four identity principles will explain your own life and what defines you and give you insight into how to lead your children to discover their own identity in Christ.

God's Blueprint for the Family: Father-Led Home-Based Discipleship

God has given direction to dads from the beginning of His relationship with the nation of Israel. The key is knowing God and loving Him with all your heart. How does a man do this? How can men be expressions of God's heart to their families? Come, be encouraged and inspired to see the impact you can have on your family as you follow God's blueprint.

Dads: God's Forerunners

God, in His wisdom and love, provided a forerunner, John the Baptist, for His Son to prepare their hearts for His coming. For the same reasons, God has appointed fathers to be forerunners for Christ in the lives of their children. You'll be encouraged and equipped to be God's forerunner to your children. John the Baptist's life and ministry provides incredible insight into how dads can have a powerful impact in the lives of their children as they follow his example and ministry in the lives of their children.

Going With God's Flow: The Key to Effective Family Leadership

Few men want to create disorder and destruction in their families, However, when a man gets out of the flow of God's Word, that's exactly what happens. You'll learn how God's running the universe and how to get in the flow of God's power and authority.

The Most Powerful Words a Dad Can Say

Knowing these words and believing them equips men to be courageous, effective, and God-like. Every man who has believed these words have become powerful channels in God's hands.

The Calling Out of Sons

You'll learn what happens if fathers don't call out sons and gain insights from the life of Jesus in how to prepare your sons for manhood. Men who haven't been called out, will still be boys even though they may be 40 years old. There is tremendous hope when we realize how God calls out His sons to be with Him.

What is a Mother To Do With Sons?

Many homeschool mothers grieve over the conflict that often occurs between them and their sons, especially as the enter the teen years. How does a mother handle the transition of her little boy as he begins to identify with his father and manhood? What is her role? What can she do to not alienate her son as she gives instruction? You learn the answers to these questions and more!

Live to Love With Jesus

Experience freedom and joy in satisfying relationships as you learn the difference between a counterfeit love and Jesus’ love, two hindrances to the flow of love, and God’s provision for establishing loving relationships. Everyone wants the homeschooling experience to be satisfying and enjoyable. However, parents and children can unknowingly make idols out of homeschooling and relationships which always results in control and disappointment. You’ll be encouraged as you hear how to live to love with Jesus.

Love Like Jesus Loves

Do you want to sound like a clanging cymbal to your spouse or children? Of course you don't! When we call ourselves Christians but don't love like Jesus loves, our teaching and parenting is annoying. Learn the secret to loving like Jesus loves and parenting with integrity and love.

Beware of the Wolf!

The culture provides easy access to images and media that brings out the wolf of the flesh in men who are careless and ignorant about the schemes of devil to disqualify and destroy men. If he can lure the wolf into a feeding frenzy, he can destroy not only the man but his entire family. Norm explains the spiritual dynamics of the battle, gives encouragement, and teaches how to transform the wolf into a guide dog that leads to freedom. We must teach our sons!

Bring God's Presence into Homeschooling

Do you and your children feel like God is distant and sometimes difficult to access? How can you teach your children that God is near and His presence as close as the air you breathe? Norm opens the veil to the presence of God and gives you a way to help you and your children grasp the nearness of God.

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