Norm Wakefield

Norm Wakefield has a shepherd’s heart a vision to equip men to love and lead their families. God has used Norm to encourage homeschool parents for three decades. He has experience as a youth pastor, senior pastor, counselor, and ministry leader. His messages provide practical, biblical insight to apply the gospel to relationships and the circumstances of life that all home educators face.

Workshops from Norm Wakefield (may vary by event location)

Live to Love With Jesus: Experience Freedom and Joy in Parenting

. We all know we are supposed to love our spouses and our children, but that’s much easier said than done. Norm provides insight into the hindrances to the flow of love and the secret to loving with Jesus that results in freedom and joy.

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The Power of Humility in Parenting

When parents display humility, their children are attracted not only to them, but to Christ. You’ll be encouraged as you see the power of humility in the lives of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul. You’ll learn how you can grow in humility and add tremendous value to your relationship with your children.

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The Most Powerful Words You Can Say

Do you know what the most powerful words are that you can say to your children? God said them to all of the Hebrew fathers. Then He said them repeatedly through His Son to His disciples. These words will encourage your hearts and fill you with faith as you homeschool and disciple your children. (By the way, it’s not, “I love you.”)

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What’s a Mom to Do With Sons?

Blossoming young men can be very challenging to a mother. What’s a mom to do with her son’s seeming disrespect? How should she correct him? Does there come a time when a mom can no longer tell her son what to do? Wives have similar questions about relating to their husbands. What’s a mom or wife to do? Norm provides answers to these questions and more.

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Anchoring into Christ: The Solid Rock in the Storm

Parenting and homeschooling have plenty of storms, don’t they? And if that weren’t enough, our nation and culture are in constant turmoil. How do you not let all of these things get to you? How do you stay steady, rooted, and anchored in the storms of life? Learn practical, biblical tools for being anchored into the Rock of Life, Jesus Christ.

Man Power #1: The Power Source of Men is Knowing Who and Whose You Are

What defines a man? It’s his identity source. We’ll look for four identity principles that define Jesus. These four principles are at work in every man. They explain why men have become what they are, and provide insight into how a man’s life can be transformed. It’s all a matter of identity because identity has to do with power. You’ll be equipped to understand not only your own life, but how to lead other men to the source of power that will define and shape their lives for the glory of God.

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Man Power #2: The Spirit of Elijah Turns the Hearts of Men to God and family

In Malachi 4, God says that the Spirit of Elijah will come and when he comes, he will turn the heart of men to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. Who and what is the Spirit of Elijah? The Spirit of Elijah is the power of God at work in the hearts of men. My prayer is the the Spirit of Elijah will be present and at work during this session working in the hearts of all the men who attend.

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Man Power #3: Three Power Sources Available in a Man’s Search for Happiness

Where does the pursuit of happiness lead a man? It will lead him to experience at least two or three sources of power to find the happiness he seeks. What are those power sources and what affect do they have on the man? You’ll discover that two power sources will fail to provide the happiness for which you seek. Only one power source is able to supply the power to cope with the difficulties and challenges of life. Come discover the power you’ve been looking for all of your life.

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Man Power #4: A Christian Man is a Superhero with a Superpower: Love

There is really only one superpower in the universe: God’s love. Those who know His love and understand how to walk with Him are the superheroes in the world. Is it possible that there are men who have this superpower within them, but don’t know that they are the superheroes to their churches and families? How does a man become a superhero with this incredible superpower? You’re family can’t wait for you to find out!

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Man Power #5: The Key to Experiencing God’s Blessing: Stay in the Flow

The entire universe is administrated by God according to jurisdictional principles. God speaks and He works. The man who understands the flow of God’s Word and where he is in relation to His word is the man who has the blessing of God flowing through His life. When a man gets out of the flow of God’s word and work, destruction and misery are in his path and wake. Learning jurisdictional principles will equip you to be a wise leader in your home, church, and work.

For Men

Minister’s Track #1:  Love’s Call and Definition

The disciples of Christ received a message from Jesus in the beginning which became the call of their discipleship making: the call to love. Jesus said that the world would know that God sent Him by the love that characterizes and moves in and through His disciples. It’s as true today as it was when those words first came out of His mouth. However, in a world that doesn’t understand what true love is, it’s necessary that God’s people have a definition of love that is supernatural. You can plant the seeds of God’s supernatural love as you understand Love’s call and definition.

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Minister’s Track #2: Love’s Foundation and Mindset

Jesus gave His disciples a new foundation for living life and loving with Him. Three foundational truths, truths that were the foundation for Jesus’ life, transform the believer’s mindset toward situations and relationships in life. When you know and remember that every situation is an opportunity to trust and every relationship is an opportunity to love, you respond totally different from everyone else who views situations and relationships from a selfish perspective. Disciples who have the same foundation and mindset as Jesus are transformed by His love and become channels of His love.

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Minister’s Track #3: Love’s Hindrances

Two sins powerfully block the flow of God’s love: unbelief and idolatry. Many followers of Christ don’t think they have an unbelief problem because they view that sin as a problem only unbelievers have. If we don’t fight the fight of faith, unbelief will open the door to the spirit of idolatry, which further blocks the flow of God’s love. If we are going to make disciples who are transformed by God’s love, we must help them recognize and gain freedom from these two love hindrances.

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Minister’s Track #4: Experience Jesus’ Love and Joy

One can’t pass on God’s love if it hasn’t been experienced. Knowing the fact that God is love and loves His own, is a starting point, but without knowing His love by experience, there is no transformation. Jesus gave a very clear description of how His love would be experienced, and He promised that those who love with Him will be filled with His joy. Love and joy are two qualities in life that everyone is seeking. Jesus’ disciples are transformed as they experience His love flowing through them and are then overwhelmed by His joy. This makes the church salt and light in the world.

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Minister’s Track #5: Love’s Abiding and Mission

As disciple-makers, we have much to learn from Jesus about what it means to abide. The best way to understand what it means is to look at how He abides in His Father and His Father abides in Him. That relationship is the pattern for the relationship between Jesus and His disciples. Abiding in Jesus is how love flows, like the sap in the vine and branches flows to make fruit. One who abides in Jesus will bear much fruit as Jesus promised. Those who live to love with Jesus become disciple-makers who produce the fruit of more disciples who live to love with Jesus.

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