Norm Wakefield

Norm Wakefield has been the Executive Director of The Spirit of Elijah Ministries International for 26 years. He and Alma, his wife of 51 years, live in Bulverde, TX. The goal of Norm’s ministry as an author and speaker is to call men to turn their hearts to God and their families. He equips men to apply the gospel to life and relationships. He also has launched

Workshops from Norm Wakefield (may vary by event location)

You Need the Life, Power, and Love of Jesus

Nothing is more frustrating than being homeschooled without the life, power, and love of Jesus, except trying to parent and homeschool without the life, power, and love of Jesus. Jesus said, “Apart from Me you can’t parent or homeschool.” OK, well those weren’t His exact words, but the meaning is the same. It’s hard to communicate life, power, and the love of Jesus in a recorded message, so please attend in person 🙂


Calling Out of Sons: The Gospel Pattern for Dads and Sons

God has provided a pattern through the gospel that gives incredible, practical insight into how dads can call out their sons and prepare them for manhood, being a husband and father, and most importantly, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Norm reveals that Gods pattern for the father/son relationship from the Scriptures. You’ll learn how God is calling you out to Himself through your relationship with your son(s).


Calling Out of Sons: Protection Against the Culture and Apostasy

Satan is in an all-out full court press against fathers and sons. It is an age of apostasy, and the culture is in your face. What can a father do to protect his sons and daughters, but especially his sons? Norm will give you spiritual and practical tools to fight the fight of faith against principalities and powers that are on the attack and out to get them.


Calling Out of Sons: The Process of Growth in Relationship

Your relationship with your son is a growth process that occurs over many years. Norm unpacks the stages of development in your relationship which will give you a sense of vision and provide encouragement. You’ll also get insight into your own process of growth as a son in relationship with your Father, God.


Anchored in Christ: Anchored in the Storms of Life

In a fallen world, there are many storms, both relational and circumstantial. God hasn’t promised that life will be happy and comfortable, but He has promised to preserve us through the storms of life by giving us grace and mercy if we will draw near and hold fast to Christ. Norm provides practical and biblical tools not only for you to get anchored, but to also disciple your children to do the same.

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