Mike Snavely

Mike was reared in South Africa, where he & his wife, Carrie, were also missionaries. They home educated their children. In 1995 he founded Mission Imperative, a creation-based ministry. Mike, an inductee into the Creation Science Hall of Fame, presents seminars, authored a curriculum, has produced many DVDs, and hosts 2 incredible excursions – The Southwest Safari & the African Wildlife Safari.

Workshops from Mike Snavely (may vary by event location)


The book of Genesis comes under more attack than any other book in the Bible. Specifically, the accounts of creation, original sin, and the global flood are at the forefront. It’s understandable that secularists would criticize it because it stands squarely in the path of their evolutionary views. However, much more troubling is the question of why so many Christians dilute the Bible here!

Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Science


With fascinating illustrations, this session contrasts the evolution model with the creation model from a historic standpoint through a look at what many ancient cultures were able to accomplish. These accomplishments baffle us even today! How did ancient man do these things? This session contrasts some of these civilizations to our own and has a personal application.

Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Science


While most people’s negative reaction to spiders is understandable, those willing to suspend their disgust long enough for a closer look will discover a hidden world of incredible design! Not only do spiders benefit us by consuming massive quantities of insect pests, they do so using ingenious tactics. Some hunt and pounce, others build traps and wait. Many are cleverly disguised or camouflaged. They can spin up to six different kinds of silk for various purposes, each a marvel of engineering!

Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Science


The presence of instinct in animals provides some of the best evidence for original design in nature. All creatures have it, and the wide array of abilities is staggering! However, it doesn’t stop there. From instinct we move on to symbiotic relationships, particularly “mutualism”, which is nothing short of impossible from a naturalistic perspective. Spiritual blindness is the only answer to this dilemma that many otherwise reasonable people are caught in. However, even Christians can sometimes fall prey to compromises…

Apologetics, Bible, Biblical Worldview & Culture, Science