Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is the President and Dean of Dating at Future Marriage University (FMU), co-founded with his wife, Julie. The mission of FMU is to empower students and young adults to grow spiritually and date wisely so they can marry well. Michael and Julie have known marital bliss since 1993, raised five children together since 1995, and lived in the Nashville area since 2001.

Workshops from Michael Johnson (may vary by event location)

Your Child’s Future Marriage: How Can We Prepare Them to Thrive?

When we started teaching on marriage back in 2003, we were merely trying to guide Christian teenagers, college students, and young adults in making wise relationship choices. But now young people are marrying later and later. Or not at all. However, when the time is right, we believe your child can approach dating and marriage with clarity, confidence, and courage. In this session we will illuminate the Biblical meaning, purpose, and significance of marriage necessary for future generations to understand, prepare for, and discern God’s calling in marriage in their own lives.