Melissa Jenkins

Melissa Jenkins enjoys helping busy moms learn intentional strategies so they can become teaching experts in their own homes. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and has taught within the Department of Education at the University level. As a public speaker, Melissa Jenkins is funny, warm, and insightful, encouraging parents to take the plunge and do the work necessary to get amazing results.

Workshops from Melissa Jenkins (may vary by event location)

How to Teach Your Child Anything

After working as teachers at home and in more formal settings for over 60 combined years, we have learned a few tricks of the trade to teach a new skill to your child. This is so much more than simply telling your child something new, and he or she magically grasps it. There is a process that we teach parents that will work in any setting. How to read, math, science and social studies, of course. But it also works when teaching a child how to tie a shoe, cook something, or even developing character traits. You will leave with a real plan that can be put into place immediately.