Matthew Bullington

Matthew Bullington is a professional college consultant. He has been helping students prepare for college since 2008. During his college years Matthew received over $500,000 in scholarship and grant offers between undergraduate and graduate school, after which he began speaking to groups on how to intentionally prepare for college. A homeschool graduate himself, Matthew has spoken on college prep topics to groups in 35 states, has written for multiple educational magazines, sold advertising to college admissions departments, and now offers online classes and consulting services through his company, UniversityReady. Matthew resides with his wife Meagan and their three children in Tennessee.

Homeschool Guidance Counselor

Workshops from Matthew Bullington (may vary by event location)

Accelerating College Credit

There is a growing trend to fast-pace the earning of a college degree, whether through Dual Enrollment or by credit-by-examination using AP, CLEP or DSST exams. What do you need to know about these tools? What are the benefits and downsides of earning college credit early, and how can you determine if this route is a good fit for your teen? Join this talk to find out!

High-school/College Track Overview Session

Have a teen? In this session TTD’s guidance counselor, Matthew Bullington, will outline the high-school pre-conference track, and discuss how to get the most out of this conference for your high-school student. We will also do a quick overview of transcripts, credits, and mindset for success in high-school!

Giving Your Teen Direction in an Uncertain Year

How can you give your teen guidance on planning for a career path when the whole world seems to be upside-down? The past year has brought a lot of changes to the college-prep process, from test-optional application options, changing deadlines, and rapidly evolving standardized exams. We’ll cover the biggest changes fo the past year, and how to provide stability in your teen’s high-school journey.

Homeschool to College

Understanding the Phases of High School

Want to know what your teen should be focusing on to prepare for college and a career? In this session we will break high-school down into four crucial phases that build on each other, and give you the tools to determine what should be the priority for this next year, how to be career focused (rather than just preparing for college), and even talk about often-overlooked phase that comes after high school .

Homeschool to College

Simplifying College Prep

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to college preparation. Do we dual enroll? Take the AP, CLEP, DSST? Is the PSAT necessary? How do I decide between the ACT/SAT? Should I take a gap year? If my child has no idea what he/she wants to do, should we even be looking at college?

Homeschool to College