Margie Abbitt

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Nashville, TN

Margie Abbitt is from Mt. Airy, NC, graduated from Kings Business College in Charlotte, NC, and has done accounting work along with homeschooling. Margie and her husband, Mac, of over 35 years, have 6 children. Each of their 6 children added a different personality and learning style into the homeschooling experience. For 30 years, she has homeschooled in NC, PA, OH, IN, MI and TN, using a variety of curriculum and teaching methods to meet the needs of many diversified students. She especially enjoys a unit study/hands-on approach to teaching, because learning should be fun and active. Margie has organized, led, and taught in co-ops/tutorials for most of those 30 years in education. She has had the privilege of working with families and students from many varied backgrounds, learning styles, and challenges. She has a passion for helping parents/grandparents navigate their homeschool experience while encouraging them in their homeschooling journey.

 Margie Abbitt

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How Does Your Child Learn Best?

If the only education style you ever knew was classroom/ textbook learning with kids all the same age, then come explore the various choices you have with home schooling. Different things work best with different students and different family situations. The only right way is the way God directs you for your family.