Lydia Callahan

Lydia Callahan decided in kindergarten that she would become a teacher. So she did. Then she went to grad school. Then she did a lot of other things and now she helps kiddos become better readers at The Reading HQ! Her program was written for parents to be able to provide research-backed reading strategies and for students to learn at least one new dumb joke a day. (she’s also halfway to a PhD!)

Workshops from Lydia Callahan (may vary by event location)

Asking the Right Questions

Kids are naturally curious and ask lots of questions. What are we doing to help them think more deeply, both about the types of questions they ask and how they answer questions being posed to them? Come ready to discuss how our own personal view of Christ is deeply embedded in how and why we ask questions!

It’s the vowel’s fault. Really!

9 times out of 10, if there’s a word that is tricky to read, it’s because the vowel doesn’t behave in the way it “normally” does. Come discuss the patterns that vowels follow and how they interact with the letters and word parts around them! (If you come to the workshop, I’ll give you a vowel cheat sheet!)