Kim Nestle

Married to the love of her life for 26 years, Kim is a homeschooling mama. For more than 20 years, homeschooling has been a part of her family identity as she and her husband have raised five boys. As an administrator, mentor, writer, and speaker, Kim loves to encourage others in God’s biblical relational principles particularly in the areas of parenting, marriage, and grief.

Workshops from Kim Nestle (may vary by event location)

Cultivating a Family Identity within a Christian Homeschool Worldview

Homeschool families thrive when they do not simply take up space together. By intentionally creating a ‘family identity’ that embraces biblical truths as the foundation of their homeschooling worldview, a family’s investment of time, resources, and prayers grows exponentially. In this session let’s build one another up as Ephesians 4:16 encourages, so come discuss ‘family identity’ and the Christian homeschooling worldview.