Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed.

Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed. is a homeschool mom of three, certified teacher and math expert. As the author of Math in Focus (R) Grade 3 Teacher’s Guide and Primary Mathematics 2022 Grades 3-5 Home Instructor Guides and co-author of Grades 2-5 Teacher’s Guides, Jessica has implemented Singapore Math in a wide variety of settings to meet the needs of all learners through games and video support.

Workshops from Jessica Kaminski, M.Ed. (may vary by event location)

Quality Math Lessons in 20 Minutes Each Day

Teaching multiple children math during each school day can take a lot of precious time and can cause frustration and even tears. What if you could teach each of your children in just 20 minutes? What if you were using the #1 math program in the world to maximize results? Learn how to save time every single day while helping your students to problem solve, think critically and truly enjoy math by utilizing Singapore Math’s (R) unique lesson format. Leave the session with a practical plan in place that will make teaching math a breeze!