James Kim, Founder of EveryBibleCounts

James Kim is a Business Owner and the founder of EveryBibleCounts, a ministry focused on activating worldwide Bible engagement to promote gospel breakthrough, radical discipleship, and church multiplication by the power of the Spirit through the Word. James is married to Euna Kim, has three children, Isaiah, Joelle and Asher and resides in Southern California.

Workshops from James Kim, Founder of EveryBibleCounts (may vary by event location)

The Final Frontier: The Bibleless

Over the past millennia, missionary efforts has reached every corner of the globe. Data shows that we’re fast approaching the realization of the Great Commission within the next 10 years. However, a new frontier is emerging: the Bibleless. A staggering number of brothers and sisters who have been left with zero access to scripture. Hear authentic stories from the field, from men and women who have eagerly waited their entire lives to receive their first Bible, and be challenged as a family to engage and treasure Scripture daily.