Drew Malone & William Malone

Meet Drew Malone. He has over 10 years of experience as a Discipleship Director at NewSpring Church and is the creator of The Everyday Journal. Drew is passionate about making disciples who make disciples. He is a former atheist turned disciple and now a father of 7. Connect with him for proven strategies for cultivating spiritual growth and disciple-making using your home.

Workshops from Drew Malone & William Malone (may vary by event location)

HomeGrown Discipleship

As Christians, our mission is to make disciples of all nations. But what does that mean for our families? How can we raise our children to carry this mission forward? In this class, HomeGrown Discipleship, we will explore practical ways to make disciples in our homes. From teaching our children the Bible to modeling habits that lead us to spiritual maturity, we will discuss ways to create a Christ-centered home and share His message with those around us. Join us as we discuss discipleship and learn how to fulfill the Great Commission in and through our homes.