CJ Milacci

Award-winning author CJ Milacci writes stories for teens and young adults with heart-pounding action and hope. As the podcast host for Read Clean YA with CJ, she loves talking about books and the deeper themes woven into the pages of each novel. She’s passionate about crafting stories of good overcoming evil, finding hope in the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances, and true acceptance.

Workshops from CJ Milacci (may vary by event location)

The Power of Stories to Teach Life Lessons…When a Sermon Just Isn’t Cutting It

Do you ever wonder why stories have such a powerful effect on our lives? Think of how amazing it is that Jesus told stories (parables) and we’re still talking about them and learning from them today. Sometimes we don’t need to hear a sermon. We need to be told a story.
In this workshop, award-winning young adult author CJ Milacci encourages parents to see the power in stories and how they can use them to teach their kids and point them to God, showing how God has done this very thing with us, His children.

So you want to write books: now what? 5 Steps You Can Take Today to Begin Unleashing the Story Within You

In this comprehensive workshop, award-winning young adult author CJ Milacci dives into what it takes to bring your story from your imagination and onto the page. She outlines five steps you can take today to begin crafting the story that’s been burning on your heart and see it start to take shape. This is a beginner course on the craft of writing and is meant to help those who are looking for practical actions they can take to begin drafting their stories. CJ will also share some big-picture information on writing stories and the different publishing routes.