Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce is a co-founding attorney of Heritage Defense. Since being licensed in 2007, Bradley has defended the parental rights of many Christian homeschooling families around the country against threats by social services. Bradley and his wife Cindy are homeschool graduates who are now blessed to homeschool their own nine children.

Workshops from Bradley Pierce (may vary by event location)

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, Other Medical Issues, and Your Parental Rights

Politicians and bureaucrats across the country are getting ready to push a new vaccine on children, even when parents object. This could result in a tidal wave of attacks upon many homeschoolers across the country. As an experienced parental rights attorney, Heritage Defense attorney Bradley Pierce will discuss what parental rights challenges lay ahead and the three things every family should be doing right now to prepare for them. You will also receive a free digital guide to the vaccination laws of your state.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Getting Started, Health, Parenting, Special Needs, Wellness

Do You Need to Worry about CPS in 2021?

Getting falsely reported happens and it’s a horrible experience. 80% of child abuse and neglect investigations are unfounded, but 100% of them are traumatic. In this talk, Bradley will draw from over 13 years of his experiences defending parents falsely accused of child abuse and neglect to teach you how to help avoid being part of that statistic. You will also get a free digital guide to how to handle CPS at your door.

Biblical Worldview & Culture, Early Childhood, Getting Started, Parenting, Special Needs, Wellness