Bill Potter

As the lead historian for Landmark Events, Bill excels at teaching the generations to recognize the hand of God in all of history and to interpret it based on the truths of God’s Word.

Bill has been married to his wife Leslie since 1974, during which time they have home-educated their eight children.

Workshops from Bill Potter (may vary by event location)

George Orwell vs. Aldous Huxley, Which One Rightly Predicted the Future, or Neither?

Orwell (Eric Blair) and Huxley are probably the most quoted novelists of the 20th Century. Their personal experiences informed their imaginations of what the future would look like. In the past 20 years historians, political pundits, and cultural “influencers” have popularized the books of these two men, and our culture seems to have proven them prophetic in certain ways. I will look at their basic presuppositions and hold them up to biblical scrutiny.

Reel History: How Accurate are Hollywood Civil War Films?

In this seminar we will examine how popular culture films have portrayed the Civil War era of American history. I will analyze the messages, historical accuracy and influence of Birth of a Nation (1915), Gone With the Wind (1939), Glory (1983), Gods and Generals (2003), and Free State of Jones (2016). There are many more films we could discuss, but need to formulate a means of evaluating Hollywood’s agenda and the use of films that claim accuracy.

19th Century Intellectuals who shaped 20th and 21st Century Ideologies and Morals: Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, and Friedrich Nietzsche

The ideas of three men who rejected Christ and the Christian moral order exerted a decisive influence on the political, educational, and cultural ideas and mores of the following two centuries. A basic understanding of their impact on the intellectuals of Europe and the United States informs the understanding of our own times and helps in seeing their roles in the two world wars, moral decline, revolutions and abandonment of the Christian culture.